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With regard to the length, width and thickness, consider the expansion of the material: make sure you have enough distance (about 2 cm) around the floor and . stable and long-lasintg understructure, Déco recommends to always use durable wood joists, That's mandatory in case of installation on water-proof sheeting or..

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WATERPROOFING. Home. Liquid polyurethane waterproofing membrane for roofs, terraces, wet areas, decks, etc. Details. maritrans2-d42a8a346accaa3f62006ed736cc7cb8-810×350-100-crop..

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ETERNO. Accessories for flat roofs and terraces waterproofing. The Eterno line offers waterproofing products such as drains, exhalators and angles, all designed and made with material compatible with both bituminous and synthetic membranes. Explore. Col12_linea_master_banner..

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Enconodek's vinyl membrane colors and waterproof decking options feature neutral earth tones like Pepplestone, Topaz, Agate, Marble Tan, Marble Taupe, and Marble Grey that were chosen to complement the exterior décor of virtually any home. You'll simply love Econodek waterproof vinyl deck flooring because it is..

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The underlay is intended to level the deck, create the required slopes for water drainage and to waterproofing and protect the surface below. . resilient resins adapt to the movement of the metal sheet better than any other material and can be covered with either traditional finishing materials or with the same Api Spa resin,..

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If you are planning a new outdoor area or if you are thinking of updating your patio or even decided it's time to breathe new life into a balcony that currently looks boring and unattractive, your best solution, in terms of your choice of surface and material, is to opt for porcelain pavers, also known as porcelain stoneware

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