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Roofing and Membranes. Protan is a supplier of roofing systems, membranes, terraces, wet rooms for new builds and renovation Projects as well as radon protection. Our world-leading solutions are developed and produced in Norway pursuant to the highest quality standards. . Ballasted and Green Roofs. Alternate Text..

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The Superseal membrane with its fleece-backing provides a smooth, wrinkle-free installation with no thermal movements or tensions in the roof membrane. Contributes to a sustainable future. Superseal has minimal impact on the environment by efficient utilization of resources and exceptional durability. The product does..

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Green Magic Homes is a new way to living with eco house, green construction, green roofs, and more products like Geodesic domes, Tiny Homes and more. GMH

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WS: Since you've brought it up, where does vinyl fit into the continuum of sustainable building products, is it a green building solution? Some would say that it has no green properties whatsoever. At the same time, many LEED-certified buildings have vinyl roofs. Please explain the sustainable attributes of the material that..

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Protan has products of wide range from water solutions to ventilationa. We also specialise in roofing and membrane systems all across

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Planting your roof is an expensive proposition, but it has many benefits. Green roofs insulate well, lower air-conditioning costs, help prevent floods by reducing storm runoff, and last a long time. New modular systems make installation relatively easy. Plastic grids fit together, keeping soil and plants in place even on sloped..

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In December, 2005, New York City passed legislation that will reduce the City's purchase of PVC, wielding its $11 billion annual purchasing budget to drive markets for safer, environmentally friendly products. Other U.S. cities such as Boston, Seattle, San Francisco, and Buffalo have passed similar purchasing measures

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Dec 12, 2012 . Ralph Velasquez, director of sustainable technology for Tremco, a sustainability focused roofing company in Beachwood, Ohio, notes a growing desire for environmentally friendly roofing products as Americans become more conscious of their environmental impact. While popular in Europe for years, the..

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Protan is a proud provider of innovative roofs, waterproofing membranes and technical textiles, ensuring permanent customer value

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whether our customers need environmentally friendly watertight roofing, ventilation for demanding environments . 36 PROTAN GREEN ROOFS. 38 Protan Turf Roofs. 40 Protan Extensive Green Roofs. 42 Protan Intensive Green Roofs. 44 Products for Ballasted and Green Roofs. 46 . and coated with PVC-P (plasticised)

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JM is also an industry leader in developing and manufacturing innovative sustainable and environmentally friendly new roofing and insulation products. JM offers an extensive range of high quality low slope roofing solutions which include: TPO, PVC, EPDM, Modified Bitumen and Liquid Applied roofing membranes

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For windows: Towards Sustainable Plastic Construction and Demolition Waste Management in Europe, APPRICOD Report, p.14. 7 Energy Saving . construction industry. Among other things: Within the structure of a building, plastics contribute to insulation, window-installation, wiring, piping and roofing. Inside the..

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Jul 5, 2016 . Fully interchangeable with other Automoblox models, this SUV is loaded with unique features including roof rack and spare tire. Automoblox .. Plan Toys' is committed to quality products, a safe and fair work environment and eco-friendly materials and practices. . These bikes are very popular in Europe

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Explore dakwaarde - roofvalue's board "Green roof (traditional) - Groendak (traditioneel)" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Green roofs, Architecture and Log cabins

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It's important to consider the environment when planning home renovations. Greener products are not only healthier for you and the earth, but can also save you cash. Learn about affordable Eco-friendly roofing options

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Most of Protan products (about 60%) are exported to more than 40 countries. They include roofing membranes, . Protan is the world's only company producing PVC roofing membranes with its own assembly organizations. Protan has sales offices . are reliable, easy to install and environmentally friendly. Protan roofing is..

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PVC roofing membranes are inherently recyclable, and are the only roofing material that can be recycled back into roofing products. Extremely low contribution to . A: Originally introduced in Europe in the early 1960s, PVC roofing systems were among the first single-ply commercial roofing materials. Today, reinforced PVC..

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This guide is a detailed comparison between EPDM Rubber which is the cheapest and therefore most commonly used flat roofing system and PVC roofing membrane, which is a premium product that ... On the other hand, while PVC roofing is not a truly green roofing material, it is more eco-friendly than EPDM rubber

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PVC and Toxin-Free Wallpaper. Traditional wallpapers often contain PVC, which leaks volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. In fact, HealthyStuff tested over 2300 types of wallpaper from 11 different brands and manufacturers, and found that 96% of them had PVC coatings. PVC has been found to have a myriad of negative..

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Jul 22, 2012 . Thus, the purpose of this article is to demonstrate the environmental benefits of PVC roofing as compared to other roofing products. .. competition from other, cheaper flat roofing products such as EPDM roofs, and now TPO membranes, PVC roofs continue to dominate commercial roofing market in Europe

PVC roofing is the best choice for a low slope or flat roof.

Apr 19, 2017 . If you have a low slope or flat roof, PVC roofing or vinyl membrane roofing is your best option as its durable, affordable and energy efficient. . Environmentally friendly-the excess PVC material can be easily recycled back into the roof membrane or reprocessed into end-use products, like rooftop walkways..

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The eco-friendly disposal and recycling of plastic roofing sheets at the construction site is a task that really needs to be left to the experts at Interseroh. By working with the . Our partner recycling facilities recover valuable resources from the PVC roofing sheets to make new products such as plastic mats, for example

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