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Jun 13, 2016 . Appropriate spacing between the decking boards is essential not only for drainage but also to prevent warping. . Deck boards no matter the thickness (5/4 or 2) should always be fastened on top of a DOUBLE joist so there is enough nailing edge on each decking board where they are butted

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5) Attaching Ledger Board . If you've allowed for an overhang on the deck board, you'll have to notch out the ends of the 1st board a little to fit the cut-out in the siding, equal to the depth of the siding and the length of . If the boards are wet when you install them, you can probably butt them close together without any gap

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Composite decking can usually be installed with galvanized fasteners, but it is smart to check with the manufacturer. Stainless steel deck board screws should also be used near salt water. In terms of fastener lengths, use 3-inch screws or 12d nails for 2 X 4 or 2 x 6 decking, and 2 1/2inch screws or 10d nails for 5/4 X 4 or..

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Beam Spans: Distance a joist spans between a beam and a ledger or between beams, using No. 2 and better Southern pine or Douglas fir. Joist: 2x6 . Decking. Decking boards span from joist to joist. If you use 5/4 decking, joists must be no farther apart than 16 inches. Decking made of 2x4s or 2x6s can span up to 24..

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installed diagonally, space joists 16 inches on center for both R.E.D. and 2x6. The width of pressure-treated Southern Pine decking may vary due to moisture content, so spacing between boards should be adjusted at installation to compensate for shrinkage as the wood dries. Refer to Table 5 below: The most common..

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Step 7. Install Decking Boards. Continue installing the decking, checking for square every few boards. Remember to pull them together or space them depending on the condition of the lumber (as noted Step 5 above)

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Decking load calculations . Place a couple 2x4's on the ground at 24" spacing and lay some decking on it. . You know you design for 1) critical loads not normal loads, 2) span means net clear span, 3) impact loading, 4) grade of wood, 5) wet condition of use, 6) surfaced two sides or four and 7) repetitive use or single..

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5% of 5" is a quarter of an inch. You also need to make sure the boards are at least 1/4 to 3/8" apart at all times for good drainage and shedding of debris. So if the boards will move 1/4" and need 1/4" spacing at a minimum, then depending on whether your boards are currently wet or dry dictates whether..

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Joist Spacing/Decking Thickness. « on: February 28, 2007, 10:16:33 AM ». For ERC and woods similiar in characteristic (loosely similiar) what do you prefer? 8/4 on 24" OC 5/4 on 16" OC Other ??? Logged. The oil is all in Texas, but the dipsticks are in D.C.

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If you are using 16" OC joist spacing, you will need approximately 350 screws for every 100 square feet. 1 package of . a 1/16" gap. It works with the same board sizes as the Pro tool (5-1/4" to 5-3/4" boards). . The Pro-X1 was designed to solve that issue, to offer a smaller gap and a hidden fastener look for wood decking

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Thickness: Radius-edge, 5/4 material (which can measure anywhere from 1 to 1-1/4 in. thick) has become extremely common. In most cases, it requires a joist spacing of 16 in. for proper support. If your joists are spaced at 24 in. or you're running your deck boards at a diagonal, you may need to use 2-by (1-1/2 in. thick)..

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Some things I've read say to space the boards with a 16d nail, another article recommends a three-eighths inch gap. The author of . I just built a deck using PT decking for a customer. ... 5/4 decking NEVER space, alwyas nailed/screwed tight and you will have a space 1/4-3/8 shortly after the deck is done

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Feb 23, 2010 . When this happens the wood can swell, causing problems with joints and fasteners and even doing damage to surrounding pieces. To prevent this, it is recommended that decking boards be placed with a space between the rows ranging from 1/8 to 1/4 inch. For green material that is fresh and may still..

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Wood decking is commonly available in 2x6 and 5/4 x 6 profiles. 5/4 x 6 is produced specifically for decking and is milled with a radius edge or bull nose. 2x6 is thicker and is stronger but is also more expensive. Spacing between deck boards provide a few critical functions. The primary function is to drain water from the..

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Mar 12, 2015 . As the boards dry you will easily end up with at least 1/8 to 1/4" gap between each board because of shrinkage. Yellow pine will create the largest gaps because it tends to move the most. Harder woods that retain less water and are more stable will shrink a little bit less. Composite and synthetic decking will..

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Dec 26, 2017 . Now your starting 1/4 decking gap is almost a half inch wide, and someone just got their heel stuck between the boards at that swanky dinner party. Fast forward to the dead of . Your decking has now shrunk another couple of 16ths of an inch, and that half inch decking gap is closer to 5/8. Now your..

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WeatherShield - 5/4 x 6 x 16 Pressure-Treated Standard Decking Board - Ideal for aboveground applications where lumber is exposed to the elements, this board is . How much spacing? I'm building a deck using theses boards. I live in Florida. When I put them in the weather will be around 70 degrees. How much space (if..

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Choose the best boards you can find for decking material; at the same time, don't worry if you end up with a few tough looking boards. . Joist spacing also determines how thick your deck boards must be. Joists spaced 16 inches on center will take both 5/4 and 2-inch deck boards (which are actually 1-1/2 inches thick)

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