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Urban Rustic: The Cedar Siding Is Here Let's Burn It .

May 30, 2017 . Charring cedar with a gas torch yields unexpected benefits. The wood becomes fire resistant and virtually maintenance-free, as well as unappetizing to bugs and rodents. Editor's note: This post is one of a series by Eric Whetzel about the design and construction of his house in Palatine, Illinois, a suburb of..

Outlast NBS30 Time Release Insect Repellent Additive - : Outlast NBS30 Time Release Insect Repellent Additive : Garden & Outdoor. . On new wood siding, I now intend to apply stain alone, install and caulk the siding, and THEN apply this product in a second coat of stain after the caulk has fully set. I hope this review may save another customer the expensive and..

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The product's main selling point is its durability: It is resistant to harsh weather, insects, and rot. CertainTeed and Cemplank back their products with warranties comparable to those offered by engineered-wood siding companiesCertainTeed's WeatherBoards fiber cement siding comes with a 50-year limited transferable..

Siding and Insects - CT Home Inspectors

When looking at a house for sale pay some attention to the exterior siding and the landscaping. While you should always have a wood destroying insect inspection done before buying the home (commonly called a termite inspection) you can get some idea of potential problems by taking a quick look at the exterior

Choosing Rot Resistant Wood | The Craftsman Blog

Jan 6, 2014 . Using rot resistant wood on the exterior of your home is a great way to extend the life of your siding, trim, decks, porches and other exterior woodwork. . Old-Growth Redwood Once again, the old-growth version of this wood is very resistant to rot and insects. Pressure-Treated Pine Probably the most..

Pests That Can Create Problems for Your Siding and What to Do .

Wood siding can attract pests--but that shouldn't stop you from having a beautiful home! Here's how to diagnose and solve pest issues with your siding

Woodpeckers and siding : Wildlife : Yard and Garden : University of .

Wood treatments. Cedar siding has grooves that insects hide in. Seal all openings with caulk. Some wood preservatives kill insects and have a bad taste which may discourage woodpeckers. Anti-roosting treatments, which cause surfaces to be sticky, may help keep woodpeckers away. They may stain wood. Providing food..

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First, try to cover up or repair the previous damage the bird has caused. Holes made in your siding may attract other woodpeckers to the site to check out the potential food source. (Insect larvae located in the wood itself make chewing noises that the woodpeckers can hear). Damage. Woodpeckers peck at wood for several..

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T-111 wood siding, plywood and pressboard all use a laminate glue which porcupines love! They will eat . Pest Rid treatments will last 2-4 weeks per application and can withstand normal rainfall. .. If you have a nuisance porcupine chewing up your tires, trees, outside furniture or yard tools, try Pest Rid spray to stop them

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Termite damage isn't inevitable, though. Choosing termite resistant wood goes a long way toward preventing these bugs from making a meal of your property. Need to . is completely impervious to termites. Offering the beauty of natural wood at a lower cost, composite lumber is popular for use in decks, furniture, and siding

Bug-Juice Insecticide Paint Additive (treats 1-gal.)-37005 - The .

Bug-Juice (1.66 oz., treats 1-gal.) is a remarkable insecticide paint additive. It can be added to any paint, stain or sealant. Once applied to the surface and let dry, bugs that cl on or land on the

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Copper plating or Copper sheathing is the practice of covering wood most usually wooden hulls of ships with copper metal. As metallic copper is both repellent and toxic to fungus, insects such as termites, and marine bi-valves this would preserve the wood and also act as an anti-fouling measure to prevent aquatic life from..

Home Inspection Issues: Wood boring insects. « Home Maintenance .

Jul 15, 2016 . Signs of infestation either active or prior include pencil-width round holes in wooden structures, such as porch railings and supports, wooden siding, or structural rafters, beams, or piers. These may have been caused by carpenter bees, which look similar to bumblebees but drill into wood that has not..

10 Destructive Pestsand the Least Destructive Ways to Thwart Them

Jul 12, 2012 . "But you can eliminate any earth-to-wood contact." Check wood siding that's close to mulch in flower beds, window frames at ground level, wooden garden sheds, and keep firewood stacked 15 to 20 feet away from your house. Termites also need moisture, so fix any leaky hoses and get rid of standing..

Does Wood Mulch Attract Termites and Other Insects? | Today's .

If you dig down into a thick layer of wood mulch, you'll find that it's full of insects. They're . When you put down wood mulch, it's not like a call goes out for a convention of termites and other insects in your yard. . Also, make sure to leave 6 of foundation showing between the ground and your home's woodwork or siding

Why do woodpeckers like to hammer on houses? And what can I do .

Apr 1, 2009 . Because it is feeding on insects living in the siding. If the birds are . If you use netting, make sure it is taut and set at least 3 inches from the siding to avoid birds pecking through it. Close off openings on the . You may also want to plug the holes with wood putty to discourage further activity. If a woodpecker..

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Also, cracks in the foundation or exterior of your home should be caulked or otherwise sealed. Wood rot of any type should be repaired as soon as it is noticed on wood siding, soffis, or fascias. Carpenter Ants, as well as termites and other wood destroying insects are attracted to rotten wood and will quickly take advantage..

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Wood. Wood can give your home a touch of elegance. More than that, the material can also sustain moisture and insects. With regular power washing and painting, wood siding can last for up to 50 years. Fiber-Cement. Fiber-cement shares the same anti-moisture and insect properties as wood siding, only at a more..

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When spraying liquid, spray with the wind to avoid getting drenched. Spray where dissimilar building materials meet where siding joins window frames or where brick meets wood trim. Spray areas where utilities enter the structure and around doors and windows. Apply to other areas where you spot insect activity: sheds,..

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Outlast NBS 30 Time-Released Insect Repellent Additive for Exterior Stains and Paints is designed for use with most exterior coatings. NBS 30 Insect Repellent will repel most ants, cockroaches, beetles, mites, spiders, fleas, ticks, silverfish, dirt daubers, wasps, ladybugs and Carpenter Bees. NBS 30 is not an insecticide;..

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