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Swimming Pool and Spa Checklist and . - California Building Officials

Feb 25, 2015 . If a solar heater is to be installed, provide manufacturer's installation instructions. 5. An encroachment permit from Public Works Department is required prior to issuance of a building permit for in ground pools. Encroachment Permits may be obtained from the Public Works Dept. Swimming Pool and Spa..

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Use the swimming pool checklist to make sure you have all you need for a permit. . septic system components or whether septic system modifications will be necessary; Inground pool must be 10 feet from septic tank and 20 feet from the septic field; an above ground pool cannot be located on top of any septic components,..

swimming pool / spa plan review checklist - City of Allen, TX

PLAN REVIEW CHECKLIST. This checklist must be submitted with a Building Permit Application for any SWIMMING POOL or SPA. Job Information. Property Address: Suite #. Contractor: Residential Commercial Multi-Family HOA. In-Ground Pool Above-Ground Pool Spa. Submittal Requirements

City of Atlantic Beach Swimming Pool Permit Checklist

Engineered Pool Steel Dings. Contractors Information. DEP Permit. Variance Approval Letter. Permit Application: 1. In description box, indicate type of work being performed (i.e. swimming pool, above ground pool, etc.) 2. Application must be signed and notarized by the pool contractor and property owner

swimming pool inspection sequence & procedures checklist

BUILDING Call in code #340 *(Pool Steel/Pipe Pressure). Verify electrical inspection has been approved. Verify location of pool on site. Verify installation of structural steel reinforcement is in compliance with the City approved plans and meets the minimum requirements of the Florida Building Code 2007 edition and..

Standard Dings and Applications For Residential Swimming Pools

AG101.1 The provisions of this appendix shall control the design and construction of swimming pools, spas and hot tubs installed in or on the lot of a one-or two . AG 105.2 An outdoor swimming pool, including an in-ground, above-ground or on-ground swimming pool, hot tub or spa shall be surrounded by a barrier which..

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Complete Above Ground Swimming Pool Application with signed Homeowners Declaration. Rider & Above Ground Pool Checklist. . sidewalk that may be damaged due to the construction of the pool. This checklist must be submitted with the application and all items must either be shown on the ding or on this form

Residential Swimming Pool Checklist - City of Rock Hill

is installed entirely above ground. Submit the following forms . Swimming Pool Permit Application List all applicable licensed subcontractors on permit application. Site Plan . For more specific information about building code requirements, see Chapter 42 and Appendix G from the 2012 IRC (International. Residential..

Current Requirements for Swimming Pools Contained in the Uniform .

include the 2010 editions of the Residential Code of New York State, the Building Code of New. York State, the . Please note that local laws regarding fencing and other safety requirements for swimming pools may be more . any point. This includes in-ground, above-ground and on-ground pools; indoor pools; hot tubs;

swimming pool and spa barriers/ inspection checklist . - City of Peoria

accessing the swimming pool. Lake front properties and above ground pools have special provisions identified which give protection for children. The requirements may be obtained from the Building Development Division. C. GATES. All gates in a swimming pool barrier/enclosure will be equipped to accommodate a..

Swimming Pool Checklist - Clark County

Aug 30, 2010 . All approved plans, documents and revisions to plans must be maintained on site and available for review at all times the pool is under construction. All plans and paperwork will be reviewed before performing inspections. The owner, permit holder or responsible person on the job site is responsible for

Swimming Pool, Hot Tubs, and Spas

G:\Forms & Handouts\BUILDING\Swimming Pool-Spas-Hot Tubs Checklist.docx. Page 1 of 2 . outdoor swimming pools, and in-ground and above- ground spas . Prefabricated swimming pools, spas or hot tubs not exceeding four feet in depth if resting on the surface of the ground or a concrete slab on the ground. Note: A..

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Building Inspection. 311 Vernon Street. Roseville, California 95678-2649. 916.774.5332 fax 916.774.5394. Swimming Pool. Permit Checklist. Name. Address. Date. SUBMIT TWO COPIES OF THE .. 3) A maximum vertical clearance from the ground to the bottom of the enclosure of 2. 4) Gaps or voids, if any, do not allow..

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Above Ground Pool Checklist. Florida Building Code 5th Edition (2014). Building Permit Application. Owner/Builder Disclosure. Statement. Surveys/Site Plans. Residential Pool Safety Act. Affidavit. Manufacturers'. Specifications. Electrical Load Calculations. Complete all information on the Building Permit Application

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Please Submit the following Information and this Checklist with the Application for Construction. 1. ___ Building . ___ Will the installation of this above ground pool require ANY Electrical Work? 6. ___ 3 Copies .. Requirements. I (We) acknowledge that a new swimming pool, spa or hot tub will be constructed or installed at..

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Jan 1, 2017 . A pool or spa which are higher than 30 inches above ground are not permitted within the required yards for the property. b. Building Code Requirements: The setback requirements for swimming pools from the bottom of ascending slopes and the top of descending slopes shall be H/4 and H/6, respectively..

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To make residential swimming pool a safe place to swim that meets Zoning requirement for above ground, in ground, or spa. . Application and construction documents are reviewed for compliance with the Florida Building Code by the Division of Building Safety. An approved set of the construction documents are stamped..

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July 1, 2016 the 2015 International Swimming Pool and Spa Code is in effect. Any structure intended for . This includes in-ground, above-ground and on-ground swimming pools, hot tubs and spas. The pool barrier design . The swimming pool application is temporarily under construction and not available. Swimming Pool..

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inspections are completed before preceding on to the next phase of pool construction. What is expected from the contractor. The contractor will be licensed to install swimming pools according to the manufacturer's installation instructions and be licensed to install electrical wiring and/or devices. If the contractor is not..

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(1) The installation of prefabricated swimming pool accessory to single family or two family dwellings in which the pool wall is completely above adjacent grade, the pool capacity does not exceed 5,000 gallons, and the pool depth is less than 24 inches. (610mm) does not require a pool permit. All other pools require a permit..

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