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Aug 9, 2014 . A 120-mm-thick slab with a minimum rib thickness of 125 mm for continuous ribs is required to achieve a 2-hour fire rating. A rib thickness of greater than 125 mm is . A solid drop panel is required at the columns and loadbearing walls for shear and moment resistance. ribbed slab Waffle Slab Construction

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Oct 7, 2015 . FLAT SLAB. SOLID REINFORCED CONCRETE SLAB. SOLID POSTSTRESSED CONCRETE SLAB. LIGHTENED SLABS. SITE-CAST RIBS .. Ribbed Slabs: ¶ or Double-T(TT) section. Precast pre-slabs. Planks. Lattice girder reinforced floors: AR012 solid floor slabs. The bottom surface is smooth and

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Ribbed slab. Solid flat slab. Waffle slab. Guidelines that have been published give recommended values of span to depth ratio of a slab basing it on the type of the structure, imposed load (the load over the self-weight) and . elasticity modulus in comparison to rate of increase of tensile concrete strength is problematic

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most frequently adopted method followed by flat slab, hollow clay pot and waffle slab construction. In terms of construc- tion time, placing reinforcement and construction of formwork takes more time than other processes in solid slab construction while in construction of reinforced cast in situ concrete hollow slab; formwork..

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efficient tool for the analysis of composite-ribbed, as well as flat reinforced concrete, slabs. The analytical developments . In this paper, verification of the proposed analytical model is undertaken by comparison against selected experimental . conventional 3D solid element computationally prohibitive. In the absence of..

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Comparison between Ribbed Slab Structure using Lightweight Foam Concrete and Solid Slab Structure using Normal Concrete

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This code allows two-way waffle slabs are calculated statically like solid flat slabs (plate) with equivalent bending stiffness. However, this simplification disregards the torsional stiffness of ribbed. In this case, the results do not correspond to the real (Stramandinoli, 2003; Donin, 2007) and should be avoided. In this way, the..

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Mention the differences between one-way and two-way slabs. (ii) What is the Coefficient Method of two-way slab design? Mention the parameters governing slab moment coefficients and explain their effects on moment coefficients. (iii) Specify the moment coefficient for a simply supported square slab and explain how it is..

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Comparison study for various structural slab systems Table of contents 1.0 Objectives 2.0 Proposed Structural Slab Systems. 2.1 Beam and Slab Floor System 2.2 Ribbed (Waffle) Slab System 2.3 Flat Slab Floor System 2.4 Hollow core slab system 2.5 Post tension slab system 2.6 Voided slab system 2.7 Composite steel..

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solid flat slabs, are compared regarding their performance in a range of criteria. This is done in an attempt to answer the main problem: Which type of slab is the most effective solution to concrete structures? 1.3 Statement of Sub-problems. In order to answer the main problem, four different concrete construction methods

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Different types of concrete slabs flat one & two way, hollowcore ribbed, hardy, arch, sunken, grade post tension pre, pitch roof, sunshade, waffle slab

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Sep 17, 2010 . DESIGN OF REINFORCED CONCRETE SLAB 3.3 TYPES OF SLABS Type of slab used in construction sectors are: Solid slab Flat slab Ribbed slab Waffle slab Hollow block floor/slab (a) Solid slab (b) Flat slab BPLK 67 DCB 3223; 3. DESIGN OF REINFORCED CONCRETE SLAB (c) Ribbed slab (d)..

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in building due to its capability to reduce the cost and have a There are three essential types of slabs; solid slab, Flat slab good overall Behavior. and Ribbed or Composite Slab but the loads and span will determine the choice of slab type largely. The solid slab has. Key Words: Building structure; HCB; hollow concrete two..

Cost Comparison between Frames with Solid Slab and Ribbed Slab .

Cost Comparison between Frames with Solid Slab and Ribbed Slab using HCB under . There are three essential types of slabs; solid slab, Flat slab . directions. And this is possible only in monolithically cast concrete which is the two-way grid of beams. In comparison to the solid slab, the span limits of ribbed slabs are

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Ribbed and waffle slabs provide a lighter and stiffer slab than an equivalent flat slab, reducing the extent of foundations. They provide a very good form of construction where slab vibration is an issue, such as laboratories and hospitals. Ribbed slabs are made up of wide band beams running between columns with narrow..

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One-way spanning system is called ribbed slab while two-way ribbed system is known as waffle slab. In comparison with the normal reinforced solid flat plate, the reinforced waffle slab system proves to be much more efficient with carrying design loads, hence the various applications on office buildings, auditoriums, hotels,..

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Dec 21, 2017 . Comparison between Ribbed Slab Structure using Lightweight Foam Concrete and Solid Slab Structure using Normal Concrete. Article (PDF Available) · March 2010 with 1,608 ... slab without beams (It could be called flat plate system or the flat slab. Only the column supports. and slab can be of this type),..

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Aug 15, 2016 . thanks for invite some details flat slabs based directly on columns without beams and flagstone called allacomerah here are the burden of the transition to the tile columns mbacrhmma cause occurrence of torque on the

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This paper aims to evaluate the optimum thickness and rebar percentage of solid, hollow block, flat slab and waffle slab based on the simplified design methods stated in most reinforced concrete design codes. Normally, design and quantities will be affected by several variables such as loads, spans, boundary conditions,..

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Two way slabs directly supported on columns are called flat plates. The main limitation of flat slab is the problem posed by resisting two-way shear (Punching shear) around the columns. Hence, for heavy loads or long spans, when flat plates are co..

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Aug 5, 2014 . The search for projects and most economical structural solutions, sophisticated and efficient has become a concern for designers. This situation favored the emergence of structural systems with ribbed slabs cast in situ, precast and/or prestressed, among others, who brought several advantages over solid..

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