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Containment borders made of hard surfaces such as landscape timbers, hard plastics or concrete are another area that adds risk of injury to children on playgrounds. FlexEdge Rubber Containment Barriers for playground applications help absorb impact, reducing a child's risk of serious injury. FlexEdge Containment..

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use zones. Swings and other pieces of moving equipment should be located in an area away from other structures. 6. Trip hazards Trip hazards are created by play structure components on the playground. Exposed concrete footings, abrupt changes in surface elevations, containment borders, tree roots, tree stumps, and

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Funtimbers are the most cost-effective, easy-to-install retaining system in the playground industry. FunTimbers Borders Funtimbers are constructed of . Our snap-in spike containment enables the Funtimbers and spikes to ship as one unit, which saves you time and money on installation and prevents loss in shipment..

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order surfacing as part of a turnkey playground project, saving you time, money, and avoiding hassles. . GT Impax has proven to be the brand for playground surfacing. As a leader in the ... Affordable alternative to traditional landscape timbers and other loose fill containment borders. Made from 100% recycled materials

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DIY mulch/in-fill & borders- We'll let you know how much mulch is necessary to meet today's safety standards so you can shop your local providers. Borders are largely just a containment for your in-fill and there are several options that can be purchased locally including: wood, conduit, rubber, playground timbers

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The use of a containment border helps keep loose-fill surfacing where you want it. Use zone is a term used to define the area beneath and immediately around the play equipment that requires surfacing. Impact attenuation, or resiliency, is a term that describes the performance of the surfacing product. It refers to the..

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Albuquerque Public Schools (APS) has adopted as its playground safety standards, the most current editions of the U. S. . playground or play equipment containment areas. Play equipment cannot be installed within ponding . playground equipment must be installed within concrete borders with ADA compliant access. 1

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Mar 6, 2017 . 770-214-9322 Loose Rubber Mulch for playgrounds, Groundsmart loose rubber, loose rubber playground surfacing. Korkat is one of the Southeast's largest distributors of playground equipment & recreation furnishings. If you're looking for playground equipment in Georgia, Florida,..

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into the protective area. Once you have all your safety surfacing in place, close off the opening in your border. . Keep in mind that the border is used to contain your pea gravel and wood fiber. If you choose not to install a containment border around your playground the safety surface will be uncontrolled and require more..

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Jul 9, 1997 . installing containment borders or proper drainage. Drainage concerns must be taken into consideration to prevent loose ll from becoming compacted or creating. ' standing water on the playground that will freeze into hard ice in the winter. John, as a side note, special attention should be given to surfacing..

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Diamond Street Recycling of Boise, ID, now offers certified playground surface. Like our other materials, the playground surfaces are made in-house and is certified through IPEMA and meets all ASTM standards. From one cubic yard to a full truck load, we offer delivery of the material. Each purchase comes with installation..

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Learn more about landscape timbers and playground borders for use on playgrounds, as retaining walls, near gardens and more. We also offer ADA Transition ramps in all sizes

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Feb 20, 2017 . The first step in our 6 Steps to your perfect park and playground focuses on concept and budget - what are some of the things you don't want to forget

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. walls (containment borders) are commonly used to help contain loose surfacing materials. In order to minimize trip hazards, retaining walls should be highly visible and any change of elevation should be obvious. (h) Playgrounds and playground equipment may be designed for children at different developmental stages

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Surfacing should be raked daily to ensure a constant depth is maintained. Examine playground for trip hazards which may include tree roots, rocks, concrete footings, loose-fill containment borders and underlayment, and play equipment components. .As the ground freezes, the safe fall height may be reduced. . Use Zone

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Surfacing. The Consumer Product Safety Council (CPSC) estimates that about 60% of all playground equipment related accidents result from falls to the ground surface. About three-fourths of all fall-related deaths reported to CPSC involved head injuries. If the surface beneath the play equipment is unyielding (such as..

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Barriers help to keep the mulch on your playground in place: Without any kind of containment system, mulch will be scattered about in a matter of minutes, and it will need to be replaced in a matter of days. Use border timbers to edge your loose-fill playground surfaces to save yourself work and money. When you're ready to..

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. areas on existing playgrounds; ADA accessible; Made out of Recycled Materials; Can incorporate a variety of colors or designs; 10 year Warranty. ewf. Engineered Wood Fiber. Wood Mulch manufactured specifically for ADA accessibility; Good Cushioning at 8-9 depths; Requires borders or sunken pit for containment..

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According to the National Program for Playground Safety, appropriate fall surfacing is defined as: "either loose fill (engineered wood fibre, sand, pea gravel, or shredded tires) or unitary surfaces (rubber tiles, rubber mats, and pour in place rubber)." Bliss Products and Services can assist in selecting the best fall surfacing for..

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Borders up to 24 are made using conventional methods with form boards, rebar, and expansion joints to prevent cracking, plus weep holes for drainage. In addition to surface material containment, these borders allows for seating around the playground for both kids and parents, promoting social interaction while also..

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