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A lot of advancements have been made in the world of deck construction. . These yellow deck board spacers can be used to space boards either 1/8 in. or 3/16 in. apart. . The core of capped decking is similar to composite or made from cellular PVC, but that core is covered with a layer of denser, tougher polymer

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Flashing deck ledger boards properly is one of the most important details for new decks. Read this article to learn how to flash deck ledger boards includes diagrams

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Nov 13, 2015 . Newb question: Is that ledger some sort of special board? . Who sells those ledger spacers and that flashing? . Do you need to use the tape on top of the metal flashing for the decking that lays on top of it? my siding guy built a flashing out of aluminum to try helping me out for when I build my deck

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Apr 28, 2017 . Bellingham Home Inspection (King of the House) Lag Bolts and Ledger Boards - Duration: 2:30. King of the House Home Inspection, Bellingham, WA 154,401 views · 2:30. Hillman Deck Spacer - Duration: 3:11. THE HILLMAN GROUP 879 views · 3:11 · FastenMaster LedgerLok Deck Ledger to Rim Board.. Deck Ledger Spacers

Learn how to install deck ledger board spacers to allow air to flow behind your ledger board to prevent rot

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Prevent rot from occurring at deck ledger connections by using Deck2wall Spacers. The plastic spacers provide a space for water and debris to flow harmlessly through the assembly. The space between the ledger and house helps prevent the accumulation of moisture and promotes circulation and drying. Versatile design..

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Flashing Tape is a self-adhered flashing that adds to the protection of the metal or plastic flashing on a ledger board (the point where the deck connects to the house). Metal and Plastic Flashing is a solid preformed item shaped to fit on the top of the ledger. The Flashing Tape can be used alone or in conjunction with solid..

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Feb 13, 2013 . Deck2wall Spacers help prevent rot from occurring at deck-ledger connections. . They offer more bearing surface for better load distribution, and the plastic spacers are non-corrosive. Plus . Everflashing comes in two sizes: 1-1/2-in. for standard ledger installations and 2-1/8-in. for deck-to-wall spacers

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deck 2 wall spacer Deck2Wall Spacers Deck2Wall Spacers are easy to install, simply fasten the spacer to the ledger with properly sized screws or nails through the attachment holes prior to bolting the ledger to the structure. The large diameter of the Deck2Wall Spacers will provide greater bearing surface than standard..

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May 20, 2011 . And that ledger board has to be properly flashed to prevent water penetration. Make sure your contractor uses vinyl spacer pins, which will allow the water to drain freely between the ledger and house. Water will always flow downhill. And in the case of your home, downhill means into your basement

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Don't let your deck rot your house. The Deck2Wall Spacer is designed to help prevent rot from occurring at deck ledger connections. The spacers separate the ledger from the supporting structure, providing

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Prevent wood rot & moisture intrusion. Use WiseWrap LedgerTape on ledger boards, deck posts, & more. Waterproof protection for a longer lasting deck

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View the Cobra Deck Spacer board spacer. Simplify the installation of decking boards and optimize alignment and spacing of wood or composite wood decking boards. Board spacers by Cobrafastener

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May 8, 2012 . May is National Deck Safety Month, so I'm going to start off this month by writing about the most common cause of deck collapses improper attachment to a building. Most decks are supported on one side by the building, and on the opposite side by the earth. The photo below shows a deck collapse that..

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Deck Board Spacers. These yellow deck board spacers can be used to space boards either 1/8 in. or 3/16 in. apart. Large spacers like these work well because they're easy to . The core of capped decking is similar to composite or made from cellular PVC, but that core is covered with a layer of denser, tougher polymer

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Nov 13, 2015 . OSB rim board. It seemed like every week or so, you heard a new story about a deck collapsing. And the main culprit: the ledger attachment. No doubt .. Ledgers can also now be spaced off the wall with stacked washers or Deck-to-Wall spacers, providing an air gap so ledgers can dry out and prevent rot Ledger board installation attachment and flashing

Properly installing a ledger board for your deck is one of the most important structural components of building a safe and strong deck. These 18 articles will teach you how to install flashing and bolt the ledger connection to the house rim

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Dec 10, 2010 . No ledger board should be installed with siding between it and the rim joist of the house. In my opinion, he says, a ledger board needs to be attached to the rim with lags or thru bolts. A pair 3 X 3 X 3/16 galvinized bearing plates make great spacers. The ledger should be protected by a flashing, with the..

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Part Number, Assorted Spacer Pack - 20pc. Item Weight, 15.2 ounces. Product Dimensions, 5 x 6 x 3 inches. Item model number, Assorted Spacer Pack - 20pc. Color, Multicolored. Material, Plastic. Item Package Quantity, 1. Number Of Pieces, 20. Batteries Included? No. Batteries Required? No..

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