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Building a porch roof or screened in porch roof over an existing deck or patio can be fairly straight forward or very complex depending on the type of roof you choose. .. When building a porch roof with trusses on this type porch, the corner and subsequent trusses are built a little differently due to the slope of the roof. As you..

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Sep 11, 2015 . There are 130 municipalities in Allegheny County, each with its own unique set of building codes and permit requirements. Even before the planning . A shed roof has a single surface that is sloped, starting at the exterior wall of the home and ending at the deck's support posts. This type of roof works best..

How to build a porch roof with your own hands

Accurate and detailed plan and is crucial to building a durable and good looking porch roof. Calculate rise and run (it is quite a simple task if you use the special online calculator) to determine pitch (roof slope) and cut the rafter to the proper length. Think of the size of a fascia board, beams and support columns beforehand

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May 7, 2009 . It's great to be able to sit on the deck in the afternoons or evenings and enjoy the breeze, watch the sunset, visit with family and friends. It's even more enjoyable when a roof is attached to the deck so the sun doesn't get too hot or enjoy the rain without getting wet. A simple roof structure is an afternoon..

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Dec 9, 2011 . A good roof plane has a consistent slope from the ridge to the eave. A roof that changes slope at midpoint is disturbing. Especially disturbing is a steep roof that suddenly switches to a shallow pitch (for example, when a porch with a shallow-pitched roof is affixed to a house with a steep roof). Such roofs..

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My company builds about 25 porches a year, and in this article I'll describe how we approach the design and construc- tion of their roofs. We primarily build gable or shed . removing a window to buy roof slope an option, or will I . Porch Roofs. When a deck builder first starts building porch enclosures, most of the details

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Roofs: Porch roofs, whether shed or gable-style, usually have a shallow slope. This is because they attach to the house at the top of the first floor (or maybe a bit higher on a two-story home), and because the porch eave must allow for adequate headroom. The exception, of course, is when the porch is integrated into the..

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Oct 18, 2017 . Expert advice on how to build an outdoor patio roof or gazebo, with illustrated step-by-step instructions and construction diagrams

How to Build a Patio Cover with a Corrugated Metal Roof | Dengarden

Nov 2, 2014 . Selecting Materials to Build a Patio Cover. While looks are important, you want to make sure that the materials fit the structure. Since my patio cover was going to have a slight slope, shingles were out. A tar roof would work, but it would be heavy smell like a BP oil spill. I decided on corrugated metal roofing..

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Traditional homes often have sections of flat roofover shed dormers, above porches and garages, and on balconies. And their horizontal lines abound in the West and in urban areas. But flat roofs take a pounding from harsh weather, which is why they rarely last as long as a good sloped roof. Fortunately, modern..

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Oct 31, 2016 . To keep the porch roof framing as simple as possible, we installed a structural ridge supported by posts at each end, with the common rafters landing on top of the ridge. After installing the rafters, we still had to extend the porch roof back over the shed roof, creating a valley on either side. The gable roof on..

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often than not, attempting to remove snow from a roof is more hazardous than beneficial, posing a risk to both personnel and the roofing structure. However, snow accumulation in excess of building design conditions can result in more than a temporary loss of electrical power and inaccessible roads. Buildings may be..

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The minimum pitch for a roof is 1/4:12, which translates to 1/4 inch rise to 12 inches of run. However, you can only use this pitch with built-up roofing or specialized synthetic roofing. Covered porches that are near trees or in areas with heavy rains should not use a low-slope roof to avoid trapping debris and water on the roof..


While building a porch it is necessary to undergo complete process before beginning any part of it

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A 7/12 roof (normally expressed as a ratio) means that for every 12 inches horizontally (the run), your roof rises 7 inches. Mary and I know that our roof pitch table and rafter information below will make it easier for your calculations. Advertisements. Advertisements. The slope is critical to building a porch roof, cutting rafters to..

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Drainpipes also remove the need for a sloping roof. A person that specializes in roof construction is called a roofer. The durability of a roof is a matter of concern because the roof is often the least accessible part of a building for purposes of repair and renewal, while its damage or destruction can have serious effects

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The gable roof, also called a saddle roof, is simple to design and inexpensive to build. Its symmetrical shape is . You can use the Pythagorean Theorem to calculate the roof's slope and length of the rafter boards if you know the distance from the ridge board to the outside wall and the rise of the roof. If you don't want to do..

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